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Over 9800 delayed birth certificates were first transcribed into three books which were published in 1999, 2000, and 2002 (which are still available).  The CD-ROM format was created in response to researchers who asked for the flexibility of computer use.  This CD-ROM contains all the names in the original books plus the ones issued after September 2002.  The data is presented in a truly user-friendly format.  The CD was tested by area genealogists (both amateur and professional).  It may be called a “website on a CD.”  All you need to run the CD is a browser.


The implementation of the Social Security Act of 1935 created a need for proof of age in the early 1940's. Although Social Security officials accepted proofs, many people chose to secure the delayed birth certificate.  To prove age, a person had to have at least three proofs of age. These could include an affidavit from either parent, an older sibling, an older relative (aunt, uncle, or cousin), attending doctor or midwife, or a neighbor. Other proofs that were used included birth certificate of child, marriage license of applicant, insurance application, armed forces discharge, school record, Bible record—almost anything that gave a birth date or age as of a given date.


North Carolina began keeping birth records in 1913, so most of the delayed birth certificates are for individuals born before that time. Other certificates are for individuals whose records were not filed at birth, many of which were home births.


Delayed birth records are a very good source of genealogical data.  The delayed birth records on this compact disc list the name of the child, birth date, birthplace


, his /her parents, parents birthplaces (if available), and parents birth years (if available).


A compact disc enables a researcher to find and view records quickly. It also groups the children of a given father or mother in a cluster.


Researchers who have used the CD format have given responses such as:  “Great,” “Easy to use,” “Ability to sort by father often provides a cluster of children,” “Ability to sort by mother is really helpful,” “Time-saving,” “Well-done,” and “Colorful.”


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