Pioneer Families of Madison County

David and Rachel Davis

David Davis b. ca 1786 and his wife, Rachel, b. ca 1792 lived near Marshall, N. C. (Buncombe County until 1851 when Madison County was formed ). He owned more than 300 acres of land along Walnut Creek in the area where Walnut Creek flows into the French Broad River. David died 2/14/1859 and Rachel died 3/2/1858 and they are buried in the Davis - Chrisman Cemetery (previously called the David Davis Cemetery ) on Sweetwater Road, Marshall, N.C. Old markers mark their graves. You can read ?D. D.? on the footstone at David?s grave and ?Rachel? on the headstone at Rachel?s grave.

David Davis? estate and the estates of his deceased sons, Samuel and Nelson, were settled in Madison County 1859?1862. David had sold or given parcels of land to sons, James and Andrew Jackson Davis, prior to his death. The remainder of his land was purchased on 3/3/1861 by William A. Henderson, husband of Susannah Davis for $995.00. David?s total estate, including the $995.00 for the land, was valued at $2,536.78.

David and Rachel had 10 children:

1. Samuel Davis b. before 1859 in Buncombe County, NC m. Elizabeth Henderson

2. Elizabeth Davis 1814 in Buncombe County, NC. m. Seth Freeman 12/24/1829

3. Priscilla Davis b. 4/14/1819 in Buncombe County, NC m. Aaron Treadway 3/4/1834

4. Lovina Davis b. ---------- in Buncombe County, NC m. Samuel Segale

5. James Davis b. ca. 1820 in Buncombe County, NC m. Susannah Roberts 8/10/1842

6. Mary Ann Davis b. 10/30/1823 in Buncombe County , NC m. Jacob C. Sams d. 1889 in Buncombe County, NC

7. Susannah Davis b. c. 1830 in Buncombe County, NC m. William A. Henderson 11/23/1854 d. 3/29/1872

8. Eliza Jane Davis b. 10/11/1832 in Buncombe County, NC m. James A. Roberts 10/24/1852 d. 9/3/1901 Walnut, NC

9. Nelson Davis b. ca. 1827 Buncombe County, NC m. Sarah Cockran 1847-1848 d. before 1859

10. Andrew Jackson Davis b. ca 1828 Buncombe County, NC m. Mary A. Blackwell ca. 1849


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