Southern Claims Commission

Job Rice

Submitted by Jan Plemmons

This claim was filed twice, as were all the Madison claims. The first cover sheet dated 12/12/1871 with C.A. Nichols and J.J Gudger as the representative for Job. They were to interview the following witnesses:

G.M. McDowell
W. Greg Haney
Reuben Rice
J.W. Bullman

The second and recorded testimony was taken 2/8/1878 by D.F. Davis, Special Agent for the Southern Claims. Testimony was taken from:

Job Rice
John N. Treadaway
John W. Bullman
Robert F (T) Ramsey
John Henderson

Job Rice stated he was 33 at the time of the hearing, giving him the birth year 1845. He was a farmer born in Madison County and joined Co. A 2nd NC Mt'd Inf. in 1863 (as quickly as he became of age) and served for 23 months. He states he had a brother that died while serving with the 3rd NC Mt'd Inf. Later in this document he states his brother, Noah Rice, age about 26 when conscripted, deserted from the Rebel Army and died before he reached home.

He stated David Clark threatened his life and Capt. Charley Roberts took some of his clothing. It is unclear who David Clark is. One can assume he was a Rebel soldier but it is not stated.

Job was filing for compensation for a horse that was taken during the winter of 1864 while he was serving with the Union Army. John W. Bullman (33) making bd. of 1845 stated that he did not see the horse taken but was with Thomas Brooks, a recruiting officer later and saw the horse.

John N. Treadway (32) bd. 1846 stated he was a farmer and lived within 2 miles of Job. His testimony was to Job's loyalty to the Union.

Robert F(T) Ramsey (31) bd. of 1843 was a farmer and first cousin to Job. He lived within a quarter of mile of Job. His testimony certainly puts family ties in place. Robert stated his father was James Ramsey. His testimony was to Job's loyalty to the Union.

John Henderson (28) bd. 1850 was a farmer that lived within 2 miles of Job and served with Job in the 2nd NC Mt'd Inf. He states that Job was wounded at Ball's Ridge in Va. His is the only mention of the wound. His testimony was to Job's loyalty to the Union.


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