Reeves Family Photo Album

Thanks to Ken Reeves for sharing these photos!

(an article on this family will be published in an upcoming Echoes of Madison)

Malachi "Malley" W. Reeves

2/18/1835 to 2/16/1912

Julina Smith Reeves

wife of Malley Reeves

(daughter of Ephraim Smith & Mary Gilbert) 

7/10/1843 to 6/4/1925

John Henry and Mary Jane (Reeves) Ballard

(Mary Jane was the daughter of Henry Jackson Reeves)


Amos  Stackhouse Reeves

(son of Malley & Julina Reeves)

5/21/1883 to 6/20/1968

and his wife Lottie Barnett Reeves 

9/4/1891 to 8/24/1986

Amos Stackhouse Reeves

with wife and children

Amos Kenneth Reeves

(son of Amos Stackhouse Reeves)

6/19/1925 to 12/14/1989


Woodard Reeves Family

(Woodard was son of Malley Reeves)


Joseph Honeycutt Reeves

2/18/1871 - 11/15/1947

Son of Malley Reeves

Rev. George Gahagen Reeves

5/5/1888 to 12/7/1966

and brother Amos Stackhouse Reeves


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